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07 20 16
Colorado, June 2016

Another vacation video from this summer! The Jones fam in Colorado.

We stayed in a house 10 minutes outside of Breckenridge with the coolest little creek in the back.

07 07 16
Make Your Own — Vacation Video

This past March Cam and I drove to New Mexico for a few days and I decided to document it in motion instead of stills. My buddy Emma inspired me to compile the clips into a vacation video… she’s made several over the years and they really capture the trip in ways a photograph can’t.

Have a look at my first attempt below! We travelled from Austin to Ruidoso and day tripped to a Pistachio Farm and White Sands National Park. Cameron skiied for the first time at Ski Apache and we ended the trip at my Mom and B/F’s ranch.

I’m excited to keep making videos and hopefully improve my editing skills over time. It’s not easy!

A few tips if you want to make your own vacation video —

1) I use the free app Hyperlapse to take all of my video (thanks bubba). Before hitting save (the green checkmark) in Hyperlapse, slow the speed down to 1x speed. This makes for a more still video.

2) Document as much as you can without driving your friends and family crazy! Get lots of different perspectives. Keep your camera still for most of your shots and let the subject move in front of you.

3) I imported all my video straight into iMovie on my iMac.

4) Choose a song first. Slower songs are supposedly easier to edit to (thanks wade).

5) I speed up a lot of my clips by 2x to 4x but keep some at normal speed. It’s fun to speed up people walking, traffic, animals… anything moving along a path.

6) Aim for 1 to 2 minutes long!

Song — Oh Yoko! By John Lennon

05 20 15
Madewell x Spotify Party!

If you know me, you know Madewell is my favorite. I tell myself to go other places to shop but without fail, I end up at Madewell. I’ve given in—I’m a walking billboard.

When I got an email asking if I’d host a in-store event this week, I saw stars! My answer was YES, absolutely I will.

Tomorrow from 6 ’til 8, every Madewell store will be throwing their first-ever listening party with Spotify.

There’ll be free totes for the first 30, free Spotify memberships plus, delicious local snacks and drinks.

I’ll be at the Austin store from 6–8 so come say hi if you’re free. I’d love to see you! [map it]

*One more thing—listen to Madewell’s new Spotify mixes here. I love the Cali Vibes mix!

Blue dress scootin'
Get this look: Dress, Hat, Shoes

03 19 15
Introducing Hands-On!

I’ve got some exciting news, Go Forth friends.

Emma Brooks (of Emmadime) and I are creating something big and beautiful for savvy small business owners. It’s called Hands-On, an online course unlike any other. It’s going to be chock-full of case studies, videos, templates and more—all the things you need to create and manage a successful brand!

Emma and I met over 3 years ago in sunny Palm Springs and had an instant friend connection. Since then, we’ve been dreaming of ways to collaborate on something special.

While celebrating New Year’s Eve in Austin this past December, the genius idea of Hands-On was conceived.

With our combined knowledge of running successful design businesses, we’re ready to share our successes and failures. And in a way that’s completely unique to any other online course.

Be prepared for Hands-On to delight you in ways you didn’t think learning could.

Co-Hustlers of Hands-On
Until we launch, head over to to join our mailing list and be the first to know when the course outline and start date are released. We’ll also be sharing an inside look at our identity process for Hands-On!

You’ll be hearing a lot more about Hands-On this year so I’ll close by saying, I can hardly contain my *excitement* for this new venture and Emma and I are thrilled at the thought of helping you and your business!


Website and mailing list /
Instagram / @handsoneveryday

03 17 15
New Work / Claire Zinnecker Design

If you live in Austin, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Claire Zinnecker. She’s incredibly sweet and sociable and she has an insanely keen eye for interior design.

Claire came to me in need of a logo and business card for her new design company last year. Check out the results of our time together below.

Claire Zinnecker Design / Go Forth Creative
The first set of cards sport a geometric pattern made up of thin lines, ready to be filled in with watercolor. Claire was thrilled with idea of putting a handmade touch to each card and with this solution, she didn’t have to commit to just one color palette.
Claire Zinnecker Design / Go Forth Creative
The second set of cards was an idea I had in the middle of the night—a little addition to her more permanent stationary shown above. This set of cards mimic tiles you might find in a bathroom or kitchen, in some of Claire’s favorite colors.