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05 25 14 I'm a Jones Now

That’s right. I’m a Jones now!!

Three weeks ago today, my long time partner, Cameron, and I got hitched! It was the wedding of our dreams—an outdoor private ceremony at the Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, just the two of us. Well, except for the judge, Bob Perkins, and photographer and friend, Brooke Schwab.

Brooke has a pair of magic eyes and created a beautiful collection of images that we’ll covet forever. Here are a handful of my favorites.

Cheers to love and partnerships.

—Chelsea Fullerton Jones

The Joneses / Go Forth Creative

The Joneses / Go Forth Creative

The Joneses / Go Forth Creative

The Joneses / Go Forth Creative

The Joneses / Go Forth Creative

The Joneses / Go Forth Creative

The Joneses / Go Forth Creative

The Joneses / Go Forth Creative

The Joneses / Go Forth Creative


The Joneses / Go Forth Creative

The Joneses / Go Forth Creative

01 09 14 New Work / The Nouveau Romantics

Gold foil on a extra thick grey card stock with painted edges. Need I say more?

I had the pleasure of designing the new logo marks and business card for The Nouveau Romantics, a full service event planning company in Austin. If you spend just one minute on their site, you’ll see how incredibly talented Elizabeth Lewis and her team are.

Before I went to the drawing board, Elizabeth and I had a few conversations about what she envisioned, what she wanted and what she needed. I drew a lot of inspiration from looking at her work and the name itself, “nouveau” and “romantic”.

The results are a classic logo with a custom (and quite romantic) swash in leg of the letter “R”. The logo mark, seen on the front of the business card, is more modern. I brought the letters “TNR” together to create a bold, seamless graphic.

I loved executing this project and working with Elizabeth. She had a clear vision but also allowed me to design freely.

Are you in need of a new logo and think we’d make a good (design) match? Email me and let’s talk about your project!

01 08 14 New Work / Carleen and Grown-up Shoes

In a perfect world, I would have blogged about these images in August. Instead, you’re getting
to see this summer series during a polar vortex.
I hope it warms you up or help you dream of your next summer vacation.

Ana from Grown-up Shoes brought me on to photograph her in some striking pieces from her friend Carleen’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

We chose a park in Austin that had plenty of wildflowers and overgrown grass. The results are soft and dreamy, much like Carleen’s clothes.

*This series was featured on Refinery 29!
Click here to see all the pictures from the shoot.

Summer Dreamin' / Go Forth Creative & Grown-up Shoes



This last image didn’t make the R29 cut but it’s too cute of Ana not to share.

12 24 13 Happy Holidays

Imagine me shouting as loud as I can—

Thank you for supporting me and being apart of Go Forth Creative. It means a lot that you’re here.

Have a bright 2014 and let’s stay in touch!


Chelsea (and my family)

Joy to you and me!

12 03 13 Make your own holiday wrapping paper

Who doesn’t love a good splatter paint project?

I recently made this wrapping paper for a holiday gift exchange I hosted for the Camille Styles’ blog and Hayneedle.

Here are the few simple steps:

» Roll out a long strip of uncoated wrapping paper face up. (in the mail supplies section in an office supply store!)

» Pour white acrylic paint into a cup. If it’s thick, dilute it with a little water.

» Use a paint brush and flick it (like you’re drumming!) a few feet away from the paper.

» Let dry for a few hours before rolling back up.

This project was so fun and simple, it’s inspired me to make more! Next time I’ll be trying white paper with black paint. Or black paper with dark green paint. So many options!

Be sure to check out all the images from my gathering right here. And don’t forget to share this simple DIY with your friends and your finished project with me @goforthcreative on Instagram!

Photos by Molly Winters

DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper

DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper