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05 20 15
Madewell x Spotify Party!

If you know me, you know Madewell is my favorite. I tell myself to go other places to shop but without fail, I end up at Madewell. I’ve given in—I’m a walking billboard.

When I got an email asking if I’d host a in-store event this week, I saw stars! My answer was YES, absolutely I will.

Tomorrow from 6 ’til 8, every Madewell store will be throwing their first-ever listening party with Spotify.

There’ll be free totes for the first 30, free Spotify memberships plus, delicious local snacks and drinks.

I’ll be at the Austin store from 6–8 so come say hi if you’re free. I’d love to see you! [map it]

*One more thing—listen to Madewell’s new Spotify mixes here. I love the Cali Vibes mix!

Blue dress scootin'
Get this look: Dress, Hat, Shoes

03 19 15
Introducing Hands-On!

I’ve got some exciting news, Go Forth friends.

Emma Brooks (of Emmadime) and I are creating something big and beautiful for savvy small business owners. It’s called Hands-On, an online course unlike any other. It’s going to be chock-full of case studies, videos, templates and more—all the things you need to create and manage a successful brand!

Emma and I met over 3 years ago in sunny Palm Springs and had an instant friend connection. Since then, we’ve been dreaming of ways to collaborate on something special.

While celebrating New Year’s Eve in Austin this past December, the genius idea of Hands-On was conceived.

With our combined knowledge of running successful design businesses, we’re ready to share our successes and failures. And in a way that’s completely unique to any other online course.

Be prepared for Hands-On to delight you in ways you didn’t think learning could.

Co-Hustlers of Hands-On
Until we launch, head over to to join our mailing list and be the first to know when the course outline and start date are released. We’ll also be sharing an inside look at our identity process for Hands-On!

You’ll be hearing a lot more about Hands-On this year so I’ll close by saying, I can hardly contain my *excitement* for this new venture and Emma and I are thrilled at the thought of helping you and your business!


Website and mailing list /
Instagram / @handsoneveryday

12 19 14
Make Your Own Face and Linen Spray

I got the crafty bug this holiday and made a set of sprays for friends and family.

No. 1 Spray is a rose water face mist to help you wake up in the morning. I keep this at my desk and spray multiple times a day for a burst of energy.

No. 2 Spray is a lavender linen spray to help you slow down at night before bed. There’s nothing better than getting a whiff of lavender in the middle of the night.

Here’s how to make your own if you’re looking for a DIY over the break. Happy holidays to you!

Make Your Own Face and Linen Sprays

Make Your Own Face and Linen Spray


4 oz. amber boston round bottles
Black string or yarn
Hole Punch
Exacto Knife
Paper Cutting Board
White Cover Weight Cardstock
1–2 oz. bottle of Lavender Oil
1–2 oz. bottle of Rose Water Concentrate

Step 1

Download the two templates below:


Step 2

Send the number label template to a local vinyl printer. I used Compusigns in Austin or google “vinyl sign printer + your city” to find one near you. Tell them your desired quantity, that you want the graphics printed on white vinyl, and to print with adhesive on the back of the numbers.

Step 3

Order 4 ounce amber bottles from The Essential Oil Company.

Step 4

Print off the tag template on your home printer or at FedEx Office on a white cardstock. I used this cardstock on my home printer.
Make Your Own Face and Linen Sprays

Step 5

Cut out the tags with an exacto knife, ruler and paper cutting board. Punch a hole on the left side of each tag.

Step 6

Fill your bottles with filtered or bottled water. Add 30 drops of rose water concentrate into your No. 1 bottle and 30 drops of lavender oil into your No. 2 bottle. Shake them up.

Step 7

Tie your tags onto the bottles with black string.
Make Your Own Face and Linen Sprays


12 09 14
Two to Watch Right Now / Alyson Fox and Nelson Project

My head nearly exploded when I saw that two of my favorite makers had both released new clothing lines this winter. Alyson Fox and Nelson Project are doing incredible things with textiles and am proud they call Austin home.

Here are some of the gorgeous stills from each collection plus, the promo videos are not to be missed. So good!


1 — Alyson Fox

Alyson just released a lot of new treasures to wear and for the home. The clothing line [worn by dearest Kate LeSueur] is unique in that each item can be worn together or apart, inside or out, forward or backward. Click here to shop.

Video and photos by Alyson Fox

Alyson Fox

Alyson Fox

Alyson Fox


Alyson Fox

2 — Nelson Project

Sisters, Trilby and Hilary Nelson have teamed up to create a small line of casual frocks. I can’t get enough of this duo and the video makes me want to get up and dance. Click here to shop.

Video and photos by Philip Rabalais

Nelson Project

Nelson Project

Nelson Project

Nelson Project

Nelson Project

You might recognize both of these ladies from my Makers and their Craft photography page.

11 30 14
Traveling Stamp Wrapping Paper!

The Traveling Stamp is back in Austin! Emma and I decided to end the year by both creating some holiday wrapping paper with our traveling stamp. If you haven’t heard of this little side project, click here to read about it.

We’ve had so much fun passing the stamp around to different folks around the country. It’s cool to see the different materials and patterns each person creates!

In 2015, Emma and I will be releasing a second traveling stamp into the wild. In December, it’ll be headed to Amanda Jane Jones in Chicago. Stay tuned to see what she creates!

In the meantime, try making your own wrapping paper this holiday with a stamp you make, a stamp you buy, or this fun splatter paper I made last year. Have fun with it!

Traveling Stamp Wrapping Paper / Go Forth Creative

Traveling Stamp Wrapping Paper / Go Forth Creative

Traveling Stamp Wrapping Paper / Go Forth Creative
And last but certainly not least, check out Emma’s metallic and kraft wrapping paper! Click here to see her full post.

Emma's Stamp Wrapping Paper!