Designer one day, photographer the next.

Have a look at the the specific services I offer for both.

no.1 — Design

Half of my job is creating beautiful visuals, half is problem solving. The end result has to be a thoughtful one and one that makes sense for the concept. From type, to color, to line weight—every single detail was chosen for a reason. At the start of every design project, there’s a research phase that allows me to uncover your wants, needs and goals so I clearly understand the task at hand. Side by side, we build something that delights and is unique to you.

What specific items do you like to design?
I love to design full identity systems, logos, websites, packaging, promotional books and stationary, to name a few.
How much do your services cost?
This changes with every project. First, we talk about your wants, needs and goals. After I have a clear idea of the size and scope of your job, I send you a bid.
How long will the creative process take?
Like the cost of a project, this changes for every job as well. In the bid and final contract, I’ll draw up a timeline both of us will follow during our time together.
Can you start on my project as soon as I contact you?
Sometimes, but not usually. Being a one-woman show allows me to take on only a few projects at a time. Feel free to reach out to me at any point, to get an idea of my availability for the coming months.
What are you looking for in a design client?
Someone who’s passionate about what they do. Someone who’s ready to commit time to the project at hand and trust me to lead us through the process.
What steps do you take to get to know me and my brand?
I always like to meet you in person or through video chat before we begin. I also provide a custom questionnaire for you to fill out with a range of personal and business related questions. The creative process is very much a collaboration, so it’s important to get to know each other before we begin and stay in touch during our time together.
What about web site programming? Is that included?
For the websites I create, it’s a two-man show. I design the look and feel of the site and my site programmer writes the code and makes it come to life. I serve as the middle-man between you and the programmer but his/her fee is in addition to my web design rate.
Will I be able to edit the web site you create for me?
I have experience designing both editable and non-editable sites. These days, most folks want an active and ever-changing site, with a portfolio or blog section they can update and edit themselves. My programmer and I usually build editable sites using WordPress or Squarespace.
What can I do to prep for my design project?
I can’t stress how important your content is. Whether it’s the name of your business, a brochure, or a full web site, start the writing process now. I recommend reading Everybody Writes and if you need a copy writer recommendation, contact me.

Also, begin brainstorming. Keep a sheet of paper around for a few days and try to fill it with words that define your brand. Continue to go back to it as you think of good descriptors.

no.2 — Photography

Similar to my design process, I like to do some research before we have a photography session. A questionnaire and mood board allows me to get to know you and your goals before taking your images. I also know stepping in front of the camera isn’t easy. We all have our insecurities and being photographed, is always a bit awkward. BUT! I pride myself in my ability to make people feel comfortable and beautiful. I promise to make your experience enjoyable.

What are you looking for in a photography client?
My answer to this Q will be up shortly!
What specic types of photography do you cover?
Answer coming soon…
How much do your services cost?
Just like design, this changes with every project. Reach out to me and we’ll talk about the right package for you.
What happens before our photo session?
I’ll get an A to this Q very soon!
What does the process look like, from beginning to end?
Answer coming soon…
What’s your turn around time for sending images after a session?
It depends on the size of your project but typically you’ll see your gallery two weeks after the shoot and another two weeks to receive your final images.
Do you provided high resolution files to your clients?
I provide low, or web, resolution files in your package and high resolution are available for purchase. The price depends on the usage.
Do you work exclusively in Austin?
Heck no! For design work, we can easily work long distance. For photography, I can simply bid out with travel expenses included.
What can I do to prep for my photography session?
I’ll get an A to this Q very soon!