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  • Go Forth on Instagram!
  • Go Forth on Instagram!

12 03 13 Make your own holiday wrapping paper

Who doesn’t love a good splatter paint project?

I recently made this wrapping paper for a holiday gift exchange I hosted for the Camille Styles’ blog and Hayneedle.

Here are the few simple steps:

» Roll out a long strip of uncoated wrapping paper face up. (in the mail supplies section in an office supply store!)

» Pour white acrylic paint into a cup. If it’s thick, dilute it with a little water.

» Use a paint brush and flick it (like you’re drumming!) a few feet away from the paper.

» Let dry for a few hours before rolling back up.

This project was so fun and simple, it’s inspired me to make more! Next time I’ll be trying white paper with black paint. Or black paper with dark green paint. So many options!

Be sure to check out all the images from my gathering right here. And don’t forget to share this simple DIY with your friends and your finished project with me @goforthcreative on Instagram!

Photos by Molly Winters

DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper

DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper