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09 01 16
New Mexico Wanderlust

I was soaking in the tub last month when I came across an article about Georgia O’Keeffe. I was familiar with her work, but this was the first time I learned about her life. I quickly became obsessed with this woman’s story and work and began planning a road trip to New Mexico to tour her house and land. Within a couple of weeks, airbnb’s and rental car were booked.

Turns out, Georgia and I have a lot in common. We both seek out adventure, love big skies and the open road, perfectionists to a fault, appreciate minimalism, and love alone time.

I had never been on a solo out-of-state trip and was excited to see if I liked it. Happy to report YES I DO LIKE IT. Especially with an intention to make art, get inspired, and soak up the magic that is New Mexico. (btw, I also love traveling with people)

The area about 20 miles north of Abiquiu is what brought O’keeffe to NM. She fell in love with the sky, the clouds, the deep red canyons. No words, photograph, video or painting will ever capture the feeling of standing in the middle of this place. I felt her spirit and I understood why she packed up and moved there permanently in the 1930’s.

More nature. Be present. Feel the dirt. Sit still. Feel the wind. Close your eyes. Slow down. Soak it in. All things I repeated to myself on the trip.

Disconnecting myself from the internet more often is a habit I’m trying to instill. Social media and email, specifically. Big surprise, it’s a challenge. Social media is fun but it’s also addictive and I’m taken back by the negative feelings that can come from it. My friend David once compared it to eating too much popcorn and feeling sick to your stomach. A perfect analogy, right?
With this in mind, I took a lot less photos on my phone than I usually would and instead used a Canon T90 35mm, a Fuji instax, my notebook and colored pencils. I’ve always loved journaling on trips and got really into in New Mexico.

This vacation was so good to me. You know that feeling when you’re on a trip and everything seems to be in your favor and you’re just overwhelmed with gratitude that you get to experience it. PURE FEEL-IT-IN-YOUR-BONES JOY.

New Mexico, I love you, and I’ll be back again. Next time with Cameron.