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11 09 16
Give a Nice Note / Give a Love Note

I was on a road trip, listening to The Cranberries song, Linger. The lyrics ‘you know I’m such a fool for you’ stood out to me enough to write them down. That turned into writing lists and lists of short expressions of love and gratitude.

These notes are intended to delight! For the person who sees the flyer and for the person receiving the note.

My hope is that it helps us all be a little kinder to one another day-to-day. I was at LAX and AUS airports yesterday and was sure to post up some up there—travellers (including me) need a little reminder to be more patient and nice.

I’m going to continue to post these up in Austin and cities I visit, and if you want to print off your own, I would greatly appreciate it! Now, more than ever, we need to spread love and good cheer.

Click the links below to download the flyers and if you want tips on printing, those instructions are below as well.

Download Nice Notes Front
Download Nice Notes Back

Download Love Notes Front
Download Love Notes Back

If you print off some notes, post an image on Instagram and use the hashtag #giveanicenote so we can see it!
+ The easiest option is to print on your home printer, any lightweight paper you’d like. Print the front, then feed the printed front through to print the back

+ Use scissors or an exact-o knife and ruler to cut along the dashed lines on the back of the flyer.
+ I printed my flyers at FedEx Office. Find your nearest FedEx, call them and ask for their store email address to send your prints and instructions to.

+ Here are the exact instructions I sent to FedEx. You can paste these into your email and don’t forget to attach the files you want to print. And if you only printing one design, delete the text below relating to the one your omitting.

+ I chose Orchid and Ivory paper colors but they have so many fun ones! Go into FedEx and ask for their swatch book. I recommend any of the text weight (light weight) papers.

+ Use scissors or an exact-o knife and ruler to cut along the dashed lines on the back of the flyer.
Attached are the files I’d like to print.
Here are the specs:
1 — ‘LoveNotes_Front.pdf’ and ‘LoveNotes_Back.pdf’ are the front and back of first design.
2 — ‘NiceNotes_Front.pdf’ and N’iceNotes_Back.pdf’ are the front and back of the second design.
3 — Print all files in B/W.
4 — Quantity: 40 Nice Notes, 40 Love Notes, 80 prints total.
5 — Print the 40 Nice Notes on Ivory Text Weight. Print the 40 Love Notes on Orchid Text Weight.
6 — Front and Back Printing on all.
7 — Perforate right down the middle of each sheet, top to bottom.
8 — Please try and match up the front design and back design as perfectly as possible. I know there can be a little shift while printing.
9 — Note, there aren’t any cuts needed on the designs.
Please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX when the order is ready for pick up.
Thank you so much!