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06 17 13
Go Go Traveling Stamp!

I’m real excited to share this collaboration and craft with you. My buddy Emma Robertson and I decided it would be fun to turn a stamp she made into a traveling stamp—mailing it to various creatives around the country, to see what they come up with.

After Emma finished up with her poster, she passed it on to me. I chose to stamp a set of pillow cases for our bedroom. I continued the pattern from one pillow case to the next, leaving plenty of negative space around the black print.

This week, I sent the stamp North to Minneapolis where Kate Arends will have her turn. No doubt, she’s going to make something beautiful.

I’m thrilled to see what comes of this collaboration and how many folks will make something with the stamp! Follow along on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #travelingstamp. And visit to see the final outcome of each project.

For my pillow cases, I used Speedball screen printing ink and a brayer to roll the ink on the stamp.

And here’s Alice in our new bedroom! Cameron and I love the big window behind the bed.

Emma and I considered calling the project Sisterhood of the Traveling Stamp. We nixed it, for good reason.